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Work Area

Use the Work Area view settings to affect the way the work area and objects are displayed.

Table of contents

  1. Work Area Settings
  2. Work Area Colors

Work Area Settings

ShadingEnable to cast light on the objects, rendering them shaded. Disable to render objects using their pure RGB values for all sides.
WireframeEnable to render outlines for each individual voxel.
GridEnable to render a grid on the ground.
Bounding BoxesEnable to render bounding boxes for each object.
GhostsEnable to render all of the Model’s objects as semi-transparent ghosts while inside the Matrix-Editor.
Camera LightEnables the camera light which moves with the camera as you navigate through the scene.
Directional LightEnables the directional light.
Global ScaleEnables global scale which affects all objects.
Resolution GateToggles the resolution gate used for rendering to file.

Work Area Colors

Adjust the Work Area color settings to customize all the colors used in the viewport.