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Import Colors

Qubicle supports a variety of file types to import colors from third party tools.

Table of contents

  1. How to Import Colors
  2. Supported File Types
    1. CSV

How to Import Colors


  1. Choose Colors > Open to import Qubicle’s native .qsm format (Qubicle Swatch Map).


  1. Choose a supported file type from the Colors > Import menu.

Supported File Types

QSMQubicle 3.0 Swatch Map
QCMQubicle 1.0 Color Map
QCPQubicle 1.0 Color Map Package
ASEAdobe Swatch Exchange
CSVComma Separated File


CSV is a plain text file with the RGB values and name (optional) separated by commas. Each color value is on a separate line.

0, 0, 168, Dark Blue
68, 0, 156, Pigment Indigo
140, 0, 116, Fresh Eggplant
168, 0, 16, Scarlett