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Use the Render view settings to affect the way objects are rendered to file.

Table of contents

  1. Render Settings
  2. Background Properties
  3. Watermark Properties

Render Settings

ShadingEnable to cast light on the objects, rendering them shaded. Disable to render objects using their pure RGB values for all sides.
WireframeEnable to render outlines for each individual voxel.
Camera LightEnables the camera light which moves with the camera as you navigate through the scene.
Directional LightEnables the directional light.
BackgroundEnables to render a background gradient.
WatermarkEnable to render a watermakk.

Background Properties

If Background is enabled in the Render Settings then a background gradient is renderered from top to bottom using corresponding given colors.

Watermark Properties

If Watermark is enabled in the Render Settings then a watermark text is rendered with given colors in the lower right corner.