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Qubicle supports several file formats that you can import.

Table of contents

  1. How to Import a File
  2. Supported File Types

How to Import a File

  1. Choose File > Import.

Supported File Types

File TypeDescription
QBCLQubicle 3.0 File
QMOQubicle 1.0 File
QEFQubicle Exchange Format (ASCII) (File Specifications)
QBQubicle Binary Exchange (File Specifications)
QBTQubicle Binary Tree Exchange (File Specifications)
VOXMagica Voxel Editor
VOXVoxlap Voxel Engine
KV6Voxlap Voxel Engine
Paint3DPaint3D Voxel Editor
BINVOXBinvox command line voxelizer
SchematicUnofficial Minecraft exchange format used by MCEdit
Rawvox3D-Coat exchange format
TIF PNG Gif JPG BMPImage files