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Preferences customize unique aspects of Qubicle’s interface and workflow.

Table of contents

  1. How to Change Preferences
  2. Various Preferences
  3. Tool Wheel Preferences

How to Change Preferences

If you are using Windows

  1. Choose Edit > Preferences

If you are using OS X

  1. Choose Qubicle > Preferences

Various Preferences

Shift Nudge SizeSets how many units the object or selection will be translated using Shift + Arrow Keys.
Activate With Dbl-ClickEnable dbl-click to enter and leave the Matrix-Editor
Refresh RateSets the frame rate of the display
Popup Window PositionDetermines how pop-up windows are placed
Custom use position of last opened window
Centered display window center
Individual remembers position for each window separately
Start New File With Empty MatrixEnable to automatically create a matrix when starting a new model.
Show Tooltips in Swatch BarToggles color code hints when the cursor hovers over a swatch.
Oversize Warning (Mesh Export)Enable to get a warning when a large model will likely take a long time to export

Tool Wheel Preferences

The Tool Wheel is a quick way to select different tools while editing an object. To open the Tool Wheel use Shift + Right Mouse Button.

The Tool Wheel tab in the Preferences window allows you to choose tools for each slot of the tool wheel.