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Start Screen

The start screen is the first thing you see when you run Qubicle. It offers a quick way to open your most recent files or start a new one.

Table of contents

  1. How to use the Start Screen
    1. Open a file
    2. Open a Recent File
    3. Start a New File
    4. Get News, Help and Other Info

How to use the Start Screen

Open a file

  1. Click on the big folder butto
  2. Select a supported file

Besides its proprietary file type .qbcl Qubicle can open a variety of other voxel formats. For more info have a look at Import.

Open a Recent File

  1. Click on one of the big buttons at the bottom

If a recent file is a .qbcl file then a preview thumbnail is displayed.

Start a New File

  1. Click on the big + button

This will start a new file with Model as root node. You can also start a new Compound or Matrix file using the corresponding New command from the main menu.

Get News, Help and Other Info

Use the smaller buttons on the left to

  • Open the Learn Qubicle website (the one you are currently reading) in your browser
  • Open one of the test files kindly provided by various voxel artists
  • Open the Forum to get help from the community
  • Follow us on Twitter to get the latest news about Qubicle
  • Check for updates to get the latest version