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Create Terrain

The terrain generator creates a terrain based on a randomly generated heightmap.

Table of contents

  1. How to Create Terrain
    1. Options
  2. Example

How to Create Terrain

  1. Choose Create > Terrain
  2. Adjust Options
  3. Click Randomize to generate a new random heightmap
  4. Click Preview to preview the results or OK to confirm


NameSets the name of the new terrain.
DimensionSets the width and depth of the terrain. Changing this value will randomize the map.
HeightSets the height of the terrain. The maximum height is 256.
RoughnessUsing high Roughness values will result in more spikes. Changing this value will randomize the map.
Smooth Iterations
Smoothness is applied for n iterations making the terrain less jagged and more curved.
GradientA gradient can be used for coloring the terrain to mimic certain terrain types like mountains.
Gradient ShadesDetermines how many steps of the gradient will be used to color the object. Using a high value will result in a smooth transition from bottom to top.
SurfaceSets colorize method for the surface.
GroundSets colorize method for the below ground. Select None to only generate the surface.
Add ShadowsEnable to add shadows based on the sun position.
ItensitySets shadow intensity.
Sun PositionSets the sun position which emits directional light to the world origin.