Managing Swatches

Minimum requirement: Qubicle Basic Edition

Swatches simplify your workflow by giving you quick access to a selection of colors. A total of 256 colors can be saved as swatches, divided into 4 areas of 64 colors each.

Swatches are accessed at the bottom of the Qubicle interface in the Swatch Bar.

The numbers at the top of the Swatches Bar indicate the current area displayed.

The two colors to the left are the foreground and background color. Switch them with the joined arrows to the left.

To add new swatches, you need to have empty space in the swatch editor. Clicking the arrow button will add the foreground color as a new swatch.

To delete swatches, select one or more with Shift + Click and use the delete button on the right.

Swatches > Pack consolidates the swatches into one block.

Move swatches by selecting them, holding Ctrl and clicking on an empty slot.

Hovering the cursor over a swatch displays the RGB values and color name if available. Enable or disable this with Edit/Qubicle (OSX) > Preferences > Show Tooltips in Swatch Bar.

The Favorites tab give you quick access to a selection of colors. Map colors to Favorites by hovering the cursor over a swatch and clicking a number key from 0 to 9. Switch to colors in your Favorites by clicking the corresponding number key.

Swatches Menu

Swatches > Reset places the default swatches in Area 1 and clears the other areas.

Swatches > Clear empties all of the swatch areas.

Swatches > Pack moves all of the swatches next to each other, clearing empty space between the swatches.

Swatches > Remove Duplicates clears any extra swatches of the same color.

Swatches > Add Used Swatches takes all the colors of the selected object and adds them to the swatch panel.

Swatches > Create Gradient creates a gradient in the swatch panel. Please see this tutorial.

Swatches > Auto Name automatically labels the swatch colors based on the nearest standard name. You can manually set the color name in the color picker window when clicking on a swatch.

Swatches > Clear Names removes the names of the swatches.

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