Rotate 90°, Flip, Mirror

Minimum requirement: Qubicle Basic Edition

Qubicle's standard transform operations affect an object, Compound, multiple objects or a selection of voxels. The effect of the transform can depend on the facing side in the viewport and the type of object selected.

Rotate 90°

Transform > Rotate 90° rotates the selection 90 degrees clockwise in the axis of the facing side. The facing side is indicated by the lighter area on the Cam Cube.

After the operation:

Transform > Rotate 90° X/Y/Z rotates the selection 90 degrees clockwise in the corresponding axis.


Transform > Flip Horizontal/Vertical flips the selection relative to the facing side.

Transform > Flip X/Y/Z flips the selection in the corresponding axis.


Transform > Mirror mirrors the selection based on the corresponding axis. Mirror does not work with Compounds.

Transforming a Selection of Objects

You can also rotate, flip and mirror a selection of objects. In this case, the transform is applied to each object individually.

Flip Horizontal:

If the objects are joined in a Compound, the transform affects the Compound as a whole. Mirror is incompatible with Compounds.

Flip Horizontal:

Transforming a Selection of Voxels

Rotate 90°, Flip and Mirror also work on a selection of voxels. After applying the transform, the modified voxels will appear pink. You can then move the selection without influencing overlapping voxels, before accepting the new position with Enter

Rotate 90°:


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