Work Area

Minimum Requirement: Qubicle Basic Edition 

The Modify > Work Area options allow you to easily resize the Bounding Box of the active object.

We'll start with Mike:

Modify > Work Area > Resize opens up a dialog box:

Width/Height/Depth sets the size of the Bounding Box in the corresponding axis.

Anchor X/Y/Z sets the the direction in which the resize is applied.

Here, Mike's Bounding Box has been expanded 4 voxels in each axis:

Modify > Work Area > Optimize crops the Bounding Box to the edges of the active object.

Modify > Work Area > Extend 5 Units adds 5 units in each direction for more room to work.

Modify > Work Area > Extend 1 Unit adds 1 unit in each direction.

Modify > Work Area > Divide splits the selected object into separate objects. 

Divisons sets the number of pieces the Matrix will be spit into.

Mike is now quartered. The Boltons would be proud!

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