Export as Qubicle Binary

Minimum requirement: Qubicle Basic Edition

Qubicle Binary is an exchange format that stores voxel data in binary form. It supports storage of multiple separate voxel matrices in a single file, as well as optional compression (RLE).

How to export 

  1. If you want to export everything either select or deselect all objects. If you only want to export a part of your model, select it.
  2. Choose File > Export > Qubicle Binary QB.
  3. Select a filename and destination.
  4. Adjust export settings.

Export Settings


Lets you decide which coordinate system your target application uses. If you are not sure what this is, simply ignore it. If your models are somehow flipped in your target app then simply switch this to the other option.

Color Format

This determines how colors are encoded in the file. Just leave it at RGBA, which is the most common way to encode colors. If your colors look weird in the target app, try switching it to BGRA. 


If checked, the voxel data is compressed using simple RLE (Run Length Encoding). This reduces the file size and should always be used.

Encode Visibility Mask

The visibility mask stores additional info about a voxel in the Alpha channel of RGBA/BGRA. It tells you which faces of a voxel should be rendered. Most of the time it does not hurt to simply ignore this setting. 

Individual Export

If checked then every selected object will be stored in a separate file.

Develop A Custom Importer

The file specifications of QB are open and you may write your own custom importer. To get more info please read the Qubicle Binary Specifications.

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