Import Heightmap

Minimum requirement: Qubicle Basic Edition + Utility Module DLC

With Import Heightmap you can import a heightmap and an optional texture to create a terrain. Heightmaps are typically generated with terrain generators like the freeware tool Terragen. But you can use basically any image to get some interesting results.

The heightmap is typically a black and white image. This image tells the algorithm how high a certain part of the landscape is. The brighter a pixel, the higher the terrain is at that point. By setting a max height you tell the algorithm how high a voxel will be if a pixel is pure white.

Qubicle allows you to pick a second image that needs to be the same size as the heightmap. That image will be mapped on top of the generated terrain as a texture. 

Import Settings

  • Name sets the name of the resulting matrix.
  • Heightmap sets the image used as heightmap.
  • Texture (optional) sets the image used as texture.
  • Max Height sets the height of the resulting matrix and the elevation used for a white pixel of the heightmap.


Using the 2 images above as heightmap/texture and a max height of 32 will output the following terrain:


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