08 - Selection Tools

One of the basic features of Qubicle is that you can select and modify individual voxels. Selected voxels are colored yellow and can be modified using either the Transform menu or the Modify menu. E.g. if you want to rotate an arm, select the corresponding voxels with the help of the following tools and use Transform > Rotate.

With every selection tool, you can hold down Shift to add something to your current selection. By holding down Ctrl/CMD you can deselect objects or voxels.

Rectangular Select Tool

This is your most basic selection tool. Simply drag a rectangle and everything within that rectangle will be selected. The Cam Cube located in the top right corner of the work area comes in handy when you use this tool. Click on either side to to get a perpendicular view.

Magic Wand Tool

This tool selects all contiguous voxels that have the same color as the clicked one. If you uncheck Contiguous in the tool options bar, all voxels of the matrix that have the same color as the clicked one will be selected. If you don't want the color to be 100% the same (e.g. you've got some kind of noise) then adjusting the Tolerance will do the trick.

Paint Selection Tool

This tool is similar to the Paint tool but instead of painting color it paints a selection.

Box Select Tool

Like the Standard Primitive Tools, you can drag and resize a box. Every voxel inside that box will be selected when you press Enter.

Move Tool

The Move Tool can not only move your selection with the mouse, it can also select voxels. Click a voxel and all contiguous voxels will be selected. This is basically the same as using the Magic Wand and setting Tolerance to 255.


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