07 - Drawing Tools

Most tools can only be used inside the Matrix Editor. So in order to draw, erase or select voxels, double-click a matrix to open the matrix editor. The Status Bar at the bottom shows you important information on each tool- just move your cursor over a tool to see its purpose. If your mouse is somewhere over the work area it will tell you what a basic click does as well as how you can modify a tool's behavior with Shift and Ctrl/CMD

Qubicle 3.0 offers 13 different tools to draw, erase and attach voxels. For a more comprehensive overview of the tools, please see the Tools section of the Knowledge Base.

Pencil, Eraser, Attach And Paint Tool

All of these four tools have a basic behavior: the Pencil draws voxels, the Eraser deletes them, the Attach tool attaches a new voxel to a side of an existing one and finally the Paint Tool paints voxels - without creating new ones. In addition you can modify the tools' basic behavior to act on lines and even rectangles.

If you would like to draw a line between two voxels with the Pencil, click the first voxel, hold down Shift and then click the second one. Use the same method to erase, attach or paint lines.

If you would like to draw a rectangle, select the Pencil and hold down Ctrl/CMD. As soon as you do that and move your cursor over a voxel you will see a big cross that indicates in which direction your rectangle will be drawn. To draw the actual rectangle just click and drag. Of course you can also erase, attach and paint rectangles the same way.

Freehand, Line And Rectangle Tool

These three tools' basic behavior is drawing their shape: the Freehand tool draws individual voxels, the Line Tool draws straight lines and the Rectangle Tool draws rectangles. If you have read the previous section you might have noticed that you can do all of that with the Pencil tool. That's true, but don't forget the modifier keys: if you hold down Shift all of these tools can attach their shape and if you hold down Ctrl/CMD you erase it. So you can use the Freehand tool to draw, erase and attach individual voxels without changing tools. The same applies to Lines and Rectangles.

Standard Primitive Tools

Standard Primitive Tools include the Box, Sphere, Cone, Pyramid and Cylinder. They can all be used the same way:

  1. Click and drag a base area.
  2. Use the handles to resize the primitive. Use the Arrow keys and PgUp, PgDn to translate.
  3. Press Enter to apply.
  4. After applying, the new voxels are "detached" - indicated by the pink coloring. This simply means that you can still translate them without destroying anything. Press Enter again to attach the voxels.

That's pretty neat already. But don't forget the modifier keys: hold down Shift when you drag the base to attach the primitive or hold down Ctrl/CMD to erase voxels in the shape of the primitive.

Paint Bucket Tool

The Paint Bucket's primary task is to fill all contiguous voxels that share the same color as the clicked one. You can also recolor all voxels with the same color by unchecking the tool option Contiguous. If you have some kind of noise in your model and don't want the tested voxels' color precisely the same you can adjust the Tolerance option.

The second task of the Paint Bucket is to fill all voxels inside a rectangular area. Simply drag a rectangle to paint all voxels inside of it.

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