10 - Slice Mode

With Qubicle you can not only work in 3D but also in 2D. The 2D mode - also called Slice Mode - enables you to work on a 2D canvas which resembles a slice of the matrix.

To toggle Slice Mode:

  • Press Space.
  • Or click the 2D button of the Toolbar.

When you are in 2D Slice Mode two additional controls will be visible, the Slice Selector and the Slice Slider.

To pick the slice you want to work on:

  • Click or drag the mouse over the Slice Selector that outlines the Matrix
  • Use the Slice Slider on the right side of the area

The fastest way to pick a slice, though, is to press Space while your cursor is over a voxel. This way you switch to Slice Mode and pick the slice you want to work on at the same time. Please note that the side of the voxel your mouse is over will determine the axis. So if your mouse is over the front side of a voxel the Z-axis is picked.

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