06 - Matrix Editor

To edit individual voxels of a matrix you need to use the Matrix Editor. Inside the Matrix Editor you can draw, erase, select and modify voxels.

Entering The Matrix Editor

To open a matrix in the Matrix Editor:

Leaving The Matrix Editor

To close the Matrix Editor:

  • Double-click on an empty area.
  • Use the arrow button of the Header Bar. 


When ghosting is enabled you can see the other objects as semi-transparent ghosts. To toggle ghosting use View > Work Area > Ghosts or the View tab of the Property Panel. Ghosting comes in two options: default and inline.

  • Default Ghosting renders the ghosts behind the active matrix, so that they will never hide any voxels you want to edit. Default Ghosting is used when you double-click a matrix or use Edit > Isolated.
  • Inline Ghosting renders the ghosts at their exact position, so that they may overlap the active matrix. To use Inline Ghosting either double-click a matrix while pressing Shift or use Edit > In Place.

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