Share on Sketchfab

Sketchfab is a great place to share your 3D models with the world. Here's an example:



First you will need a Sketchfab account. If you don't have one already head over to and create one, it's free!

Next you need your API Token, so Qubicle can upload your model directly to your account. You can find it under Settings → Password & API.



Upload To Sketchfab

Now open Qubicle with the model you want to upload and select File → Upload To Sketchfab from the main menu.

Following adjustments can be made:

  • Model Name (optional) The model's name on Sketchfab.
  • Description (optional) The model's description displayed on Sketchfab.
  • Signature (optional) Will be added to the end of the description. Useful if you want to add the same text to all your uploaded models.
  • Tags  (optional) A list of tags which will help other Sketchfab users to find your model.
  • Sketchfab API Token (required) The only required field. Without the token Qubicle can't upload to your account.
  • Remember Token (optional) Since your Token is private it's up to you if you want Qubicle to store it in the ini file. If you uncheck that option you have to enter the token every time you use the uploader.
  • Private (optional) This feature can only be used if you own a Sketchfab Pro account. If you enable this, your uploaded model is private and can therefore not be watched by the public.
  • Password (optional) If you decide to make your model private you can add an optional password. You can send that password to other users to allow them watching your model.

So, at least enter your API Token - all other things can be changed later on Sketchfab - and click ok. Qubicle will now prepare the mesh and upload it to your account. As soon as that's done you will be notified:


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