Game Development Articles
01 - We Made A Game
Published on Tue, Jan 12, 2016
Our main job at Minddesk is to develop our voxel editor, Qubicle. We don't plan on becoming a game developer anytime soon. But since Qubicle is mostly used for game design we thought it might be a good idea to set-up and test a game development ... Read More
02 - Environments
Published on Wed, Jan 13, 2016
Before You Start There's one thing you need to consider when working with voxels: the poly count can get pretty high quite easily. It's very important to keep that in mind especially when you are developing for mobile devices and a low pol... Read More
03 - Character Design
Published on Thu, Jan 14, 2016
Every good game needs characters. Ours is set in a medieval fantasy world. Besides the knight and the princess there are skeletons, bats and gigantic spiders that need to be avoided in order to get to the top of the tower. The knight and the prince... Read More
04 - Mesh Export
Published on Fri, Jan 15, 2016
As mentioned before a low poly count and minimal number of small textures is very important for mobile game development. In this article we want to show you a couple of strategies we used to accomplish this. Environment Atlas First of all we created... Read More
05 - Rigging And Animation
Published on Fri, Jan 15, 2016
For rigging and animation we used Autodesk Maya, which is a very powerful - and very complex - tool. Using Maya became quite affordable when Maya LT was released 2 years ago (also available on Steam). We used Maya simply because Patrick, who made the... Read More
06 - Unit Sizes And Scale Factors
Published on Mon, Jan 18, 2016
During the first weeks of the project we exported models without paying much attention to the scale factor. Due to this lack of attention our objects had different unit sizes, varying from 0.01 to 100. Naturally this made updating objects unnecessar... Read More
07 - Real-Time Lighting vs. Baked Lightmaps
Published on Tue, Jan 19, 2016
Real-time Lighting Real-time lighting requires nearly no preparations for good looking results. But this comes at a relatively high price. To calculate high quality lights and shadows Unity needs to draw nearly twice the amount of geometry. The comp... Read More
08 - Emission Maps
Published on Tue, Jan 19, 2016
Emission Maps As soon as we decided to drop real-time lighting, we had to find alternatives to handle objects that are regionally lit, like torches or lava streams. Spot and point lights that we used to light those objects had now to be included in ... Read More
09 - Visual Effects
Published on Fri, Jan 22, 2016
For visual effects like sparks, dust or clouds we used particles. We wanted them to pick up the simplified look of voxels in a similar way as all with other elements of the game. Sparks and Dust Particles To give the player a stronger impression of ... Read More