Import / Export Swatches

Minimum requirement: Qubicle Basic Edition

Import Swatches

Swatches > Open loads the swatch map from the native .qsm (Qubicle Swatch Map) format.

Swatches > Import > Qubicle 1.x Color Map / Color Map Package imports a swatch map created in Qubicle 1.

Swatches > Import > ASE imports the standard Adobe Swatch Exchange format. The new swatches can replace the swatch field or fill the empty slots.

Swatches > Import > CSV imports color data from a CSV file. The CSV is a plain text file with the RGB values and name (optional) separated by commas. Each color value is on a separate line.

For example:

0, 0, 168, Dark Blue
68, 0, 156, Pigment Indigo
140, 0, 116, Fresh Eggplant
168, 0, 16, Scarlett

Export Swatches

Swatches > Save saves the swatch map in Qubicle's .qsm format.

Swatches > Export > CSV exports the swatch map in CSV format.

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