Align / Distribute

Minimum requirement: Qubicle Basic Edition

Align lines up a selection of objects. Distribute spreads them evenly between each other.

Let's use these operations to arrange some chairs:


Transform > Align > Align... opens up a dialog box with the same options for alignment in each axis. We'll work in the X axis.

Align X-Axis, Left Edges aligns the left (in relation to the axis direction) edges to the left edge of the furthest object:

Align X-Axis, Centers aligns the centers of the objects to the center point of the selection:

Align X-Axis, Right Edges aligns the left edges to the right edge of the furthest object:

Align to Parent Workarea: when checked, the objects are aligned in relation to the center of the work area.

Align to Parent Workarea, Align X-Axis, Centers: 

Align As Group: aligns the entire selection of objects in relation to the work area center. This option only works when Align to Parent Workarea is activated.

Align to Parent Workarea, Align As Group, Align X-Axis, Right Edges: 

The other align options arrange the objects based on the facing side.

Align Left Edges:


Transform > Distribute spreads the selection of objects evenly between the two furthest objects. Just as with Align, you can distribute the edges of the objects in relation to the facing side or axis.

Distribute Left Edges:

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