Core / Hull

Minimum Requirement: Qubicle Basic Edition

Core/Hull modifiers affect the interior voxels of an object. The Core is the hidden middle of the object. The Hull is the outer shell of visible voxels.

Tip: Having a solid core will save a lot of geometry on mesh export, because the unseen inner wall will not be included in the mesh.


Modify > Core/Hull > Hollow deletes the core of the object, leaving only the hull. Here, the Work Area has been resized to show the cross section of the model.

Advanced Hollow

Modify > Core/Hull > Advanced Hollow allows you to determine the depth of the hull with Hull Thickness.

Here is the model with a Hull Thickness of 5.

Fill Hollows

Modify > Core/Hull > Fill Hollows fills in any holes in the middle of the object, making it completely solid.

Extract Core

Modify > Core/Hull > Extract Core separates the Core into a unique object.

Remove Hull

Modify > Core/Hull > Remove Hull deletes the Hull of the object, leaving just the Core.

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