Translate, Scale, Rotate

Minimum Requirement: Qubicle Basic Edition

Translate, Scale and Rotate provide basic transform options for the active object or a selection of voxels. These functions work in the Model or Object View.


Transform > Translate moves the object in the corresponding axis.

Relative moves the object in relation to the current position. if this option is unchecked, the active object is moved to the world center and translated from there.

Integer Scale

Transform > Integer scale multiplies the number of voxels in the active object. This can be useful to keep the geometry unchanged, but allow room for finer texture detail.

Uniform determines if the object is scaled equally in each axis.


Transform > Rotate rotates the active object. Note that the voxels aren't rotated, instead the model is transformed and the voxels recalculated.


Transform > Scale resizes the active object by an arbitrary value.

Transform operations can also be performed on a selection of voxels. After accepting the transform result, the pink colored voxels are detached and can be moved without interfering with overlapping voxels. Click Enter to finalize the result.

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