Export as QEF, QBT, Vox, Schematic

Minimum Requirement: Qubicle Basic Edition

Qubicle supports several exchange formats to share voxel data with other programs. To export, choose File > Export and select a format.

  • QEF (Qubicle Exchange) is the oldest exchange format for Qubicle. It is ASCII based, simple to parse and only supports one object. For more info, see the QEF Specifications.
  • QB (Qubicle Binary) is a binary format used in many voxel games such as Trove. It supports multiple objects and is simpler to parse than QBT, but is less comprehensive and does not support object hierarchies. For more info, see the QB Specifications.
  • QBT (Qubicle Binary Tree) is a binary format that supports object hierarchies. For more info, see the QBT Specifications.
  • Vox is the object format of the Voxlap voxel engine, used as the base of Ace of Spades, for example. Voxlap supports a maximum of 254 colors.
  • Schematic is the unofficial exchange format for Minecraft. To use this, MCEdit is required. For more help, please use this Minecraft Resource.
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