Minimum Requirement: Qubicle Basic Edition

Qubicle features a diverse set of coloring tools that will affect the entire active object or a selection of voxels. These tools will be familiar to users of any standard image editing software.

Access these options with Modify > Color.

Color Modify Selected Voxels

You can also use color modifiers on a selection of voxels. Here, only the voxels of the hood are selected and affected by the Add Noise modifier.

Apply Swatches

Modify > Color > Apply Swatches changes every voxel's color to the closest color in the swatches panel. You can select if all swatches should be used, or only those in a certain area.


Apply Swatches can be very useful to reduce colors in a model with noise. Here, the car model has been modified with Add Noise and the key colors picked out as swatches.

With applied swatches, the colors in the model are reduced to only those in the swatches panel.

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