Edit Isolated / Edit In Place

Minimum Requirement: Qubicle Basic Edition

Edit Isolated and Edit in Place determine how other objects are displayed as ghosts while editing the active object. Ghosts are semi-transparent voxels that can be enabled for easy editing in relation to other objects. All ghosts are displayed behind the active object in Edit Isolated and foreground objects are ghosted over the active object with Edit in Place.

Edit Isolated

In the model view, select an object. Double clicking on it will enter the default edit mode, Edit Isolated. You can also access this mode by selecting an object and choosing Edit > Edit Isolated.

Select Ghosts in the view tab to ghost the other objects behind the active object.

Edit in Place

Holding Shift while double clicking on an object will open the second editing mode, Edit in Place. You can also select the object and choose Edit > Edit in Place.

With this option, the other objects will be ghosted in front of the active object. 

To change the editing mode, simply double click outside the object to return to the model view and reselect the object.

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