How to Model from Images

Minimum requirement: Qubicle Basic Edition

This quick tutorial will show you how to import an image into Qubicle and use it as a basis for a model.

This is a written description of the workflow in this video:

Importing the Image

We'll be working with Mike here:


Notice that the image is very small. Qubicle interprets one pixel as one voxel, so the picture has to be tiny to work effectively as a voxel model.

There are two ways to import an image into Qubicle:

  • The first is with File > Import > Image Files > PNG.
  • Alternatively, you can copy the image from a browser or editor and use Edit > Paste from OS Clipboard.


Mike is imported into a new matrix, one voxel deep. Double clicking on him will bring us to the matrix editor for modeling.

Using the Magic Wand Tool, we can easily remove unwanted areas.

Modify > Work Area > Resize will give us more space to build up the model.

The Select and Move tools allow us to split the legs from the main body and prepare for our extrusions.

Use the Extrude tool to start building up the model.

After a few basic extrusions the model is taking form!

Some manual editing leads to the final result:

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