13 - 3D-Printing

3D printing with Qubicle is very simple, even if you don’t have access to a 3D printer. All you need is a model and an internet connection. To document the workflow, we made a test print with one of our built-in test models - the frog.

All you need to do is use File > 3D-Print With i.materialse from the main menu:


Qubicle will generate a mesh and upload it to i.materialise:

When this is done you will be notified:


Click on OK and your browser opens with your model in i.materialise's online shop. Here you can pick one of 19 different materials and over 100 finishes. You can also adjust the scale. 


And finally, this is what you get delivered:

The print of the frog is of high quality and very robust. It probably won't even break if dropped, though we didn't test that.


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