09 - Auxiliary Tools

Resize Tool

With the help of the Resize tool you can resize the work area of an object with the mouse. If you are outside of the Matrix Editor simply select a single object and drag the handles. Inside the Matrix Editor the handles appear as soon as you select the Resize Tool. Now drag the handles and as soon as you release them, the new size will applied. If you want to resize on both sides of an axis hold down Shift.

Eyedropper Tool

The Eyedropper tool simply picks the color of the voxel you click so you can use that color to draw. If the tool option Auto Last Tool is enabled the last tool you used before the Eyedropper will automatically be selected after you have picked a color. To pick a background color hold down SHIFT.
Alternatively you can pick a color with any tool using Alt + Click.

Extrude Tool


The Extrude tool allows you to extrude a 2D area. Similar to the Standard Primitive Tools you select a base area first. After that you can resize the base area (useful when you want to extrude a non-rectangular area) or extrude the voxels inside the base area to both sides.


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