11 - Modifiers

Modifiers can be used to modify a selection of either objects or voxels. Some modifiers require a selection of exactly one or two objects but for most of them any selection will work. 


Transform modifiers translate, flip, rotate, scale and mirror a selection. Rotate 90°, Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical are context sensitive commands, meaning the result depends on how the camera looks at the object.

  • Integer Scale scales a matrix n-times. Good for adding more detail.


Color modifiers change the color of voxels.

Work area

The Work Area modifiers change size of Matrices and Compounds' Work Area.
  • Resize resizes the work area to a given size.
  • Optimize optimizes the size of the selected object so that all voxels or child objects perfectly fit into it.
  • Extend extends the work area by 10 units in every direction. Provides a quick way to make more room for drawing voxels.
  • Divide cuts a matrix into smaller matrices.


Modifiers in this menu create or edit Compounds.

  • Create Compound packs selected objects into a new Compound.
  • Break unpacks a Compound.
  • Parent adds selected objects to a Compound.
  • Unparent removes selected objects from a Compound and parents them to the Compound's parent node.
  • Merge merges all of the Compound's child objects into a single Matrix.
  • Crop resizes all child objects that are partially outside of the Compound's Work Area so that they fit into it.


Core modifiers affect the core voxels of a matrix. Core voxels are all voxels that have 6 neighboring voxels and are therefore completely surrounded.

  • Hollow deletes all core voxels.
  • Advanced Hollow allows you to set a hull thickness that should remain.
  • Fill Hollows fills all hollows of a matrix.
  • Extract creates a new Matrix from the core voxels.
  • Remove Hull deletes all voxels that are not core voxels.



Boolean operations add or subtract the geometry of objects from each other.

  • Union combines selected objects to a single Matrix.
  • Difference requires a selection of 2 objects. Voxels of object A that overlap with voxels of object B will be erased.
  • Intersection requires a selection of 2 objects. Creates a new matrix of all overlapping voxels of object A and B.

Export Pivot

The Pivot modifiers can be used to set the pivot of objects for the mesh exporter.


  • Split Off creates a new matrix from detached or selected voxels.
  • Linear Projection can be used to project an image onto a given side of a matrix.
  • Linear Snapshot saves a side view of an object to an image file.


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