01 - Start Screen

When you start Qubicle, the first thing you will see is the Start Screen. It helps you to perform some basic tasks like opening files.

On the left side you can:

  • Open Learning Resources to open our knowledge base in your web browser.
  • Open Test File Move your mouse over the rocket icon to pick one of the built-in test models provided by our pro users.
  • Open Forum to ask other Qubicle users for help or share some of your models.
  • Follow Us on Twitter to read news about Qubicle or see projects from our users.
  • Check For Updates to get the latest version of Qubicle (only visible when ordered outside of Steam)


Use the big buttons at the bottom to:

  • Open a file of any type that is supported by Qubicle.
  • Open Recent Files If a recent file is saved as .qbcl - Qubicle's main file format - then a thumbnail is displayed.
  • Start A New Model


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