Select Menu

Minimum requirement: Qubicle Basic Edition

The Select menu contains a number of selection options. Most are self-explanatory, but they can allow for quick workarounds to optimize your modeling process.

All, Deselect, Invert

  • Select All selects every object inside a Model or Compound, or every voxel inside the Matrix Editor.
  • Deselect clears the current selection.
  • Invert flips the selection, so all deselected objects or voxels are selected, and vice versa.

Invert can be especially useful when working with Mask Mode inside the Matrix Editor. In Mask Mode, only deselected voxels are affected with the active tool. You can select the area you want to modify, then invert the selection to mask the rest of the model.

Previous Object, Next Object

Previous Object and Next Object cycle through all objects in the Model or Compound based on the order of creation. This function only works in the Model or Compound View.

By Type

Select By Type allows you to select all Matrices or Compounds in the Model or Compound view.

By Status

Select By Status allows you to select all Empty, Hidden, Visible, Locked or Unlocked objects in the Model or Compound view.

This allows for some interesting tricks, for example:

Select > By Status > Hidden to select all invisible objects, then make them visible with Edit > Status > Show.

When creating Terrain, you may want to divide the matrix. This creates several empty matrices.

Select the empty matrices with Select > By Status > Empty...

...and delete them!

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