Auxillary Tools

Minimum Requirement: Qubicle Basic Edition

The Auxiliary Tools perform basic translate and selection functions. The Move and Rectangular Select tools work in the Model View or Matrix Editor, while the Eyedropper only works in the Matrix Editor.

Move Tool (V) translates an object or a selection of voxels in the X,Y or Z axis. This tool can also be used to select objects in the Model View.

When translating a selection of voxels with the Move tool, the voxels are first detached. The selection turns pink and will not interfere with overlapping voxels until the new position is finalized with Enter.

Rectangular Select (M) selects objects or voxels. Shift adds to the selection, and Ctrl subtracts from it.

Eyedropper (I) picks a color from the matrix. All tools can also pick a color with any tool by pressing Alt.

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