0 Tools Overview

Minimum requirement: Qubicle Basic Edition

This is an overview of the tools available in Qubicle's Toolbar. The introductory video gives a good summary of each tool's function. For a more detailed description of the tools, click on the underlined link in each section to go to the corresponding Knowledge Base article.


  • All of the tools except for Move and Rectangular Select only work in the matrix editor.
  • Most tools have modified behaviors with Shift or Ctrl. All tools can pick a color with Alt before reverting back to their normal function.
  • Hovering over a tool displays a brief description of it in the Status Bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tools can be quickly activated with hotkeys or the Tool Wheel, as described in this article.

Auxiliary Tools

The Auxilliary Tools perform basic select and transform operations. 10:00 in the video.

Draw Tools

The Draw Tools each perform a primary function to color, add or subtract voxels. They act in a line with Click + Shift, or a rectangle with Ctrl. 3:32 in the video.

Area Tools 

The Area Tools recolor or select voxels of the same or similar color. 6:14 in the video.

Shape Tools

The Shape Tools each color voxels in a specific form and can add voxels with Shift or erase voxels with Ctrl. 6:36 in the video.

Standard Primitive Tools

The Standard Primitive Tools create a cube, sphere, pyramid or cone in the active matrix.

Start by drawing the base of the shape and set the height with the transform handles. Enter allows you to reposition the shape without interfering with overlapping voxels. Clicking Enter again finalizes the shape. 7:27 in the video.

Extrude Tool

The Extrude Tool pulls out a selection of voxels to extend the model. Click and drag a selection of voxels to extrude, resize the selection with the transform handles and drag forward and backward to extrude the selection. 13:28 in the video.

Additional Auxiliary Tools

The Additional Auxiliary Tools contain more selection options and allow you to resize the matrix bounding box. 9:49-10:23, 12:16 in the video.

Slice Mode

The 2D button activates Slice Mode, which allows you to modify voxels on a 2D cross-section of the model. The number next to it indicates the depth of the slice, which can be changed using the slider in the viewport. You can also activate Slice Mode by hitting the Spacebar13:55 in the video.


The X/Y/Z buttons activate Mirroring in the corresponding axis. All tool actions are duplicated symmetrically from the middle of the Matrix. 16:03 in the video.

Mask Mode / Trace Stroke

Mask Mode allows only unselected voxels to be modified by the active tool. Trace Stroke fills in the complete path of a drawn tool action. 15:14 in the video.

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